Brannen Cooper Headjoint in 14K Gold (New) – Flute Center of New York
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Brannen Cooper Headjoint in 14K Gold (New)

Brannen Cooper Headjoint in 14K Gold (New)

$8,075.00 USD

Brannen Cooper Headjoint in 14K gold - 14K gold tube, lip plate, riser and crown (.014") tubing. Handmade in USA.

Brannen Brothers Flutes currently offers four headjoint styles: The "Modern Cooper," the "Modified Cooper," the "Epoch" and the "JR Lafin" style.

The Epoch Cut (formerly the 700) is the most projecting, responsive style ever, the Epoch is less resistance than the other Brannen-Cooper Headjoint styles.

The Modern Cooper Cut is projecting and responsive; it's Brannen's interpretation of Albert Cooper’s popular design, and it has the flexibility to cover a wide range of tone colors.

Flexible yet stable, the Modified Cooper Cut produces a rich, full sound with slightly more resistance than the Modern Cooper.

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