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Instrument Trial Procedure


Our selection is the largest found anywhere, and we are happy to let you test out any of our flutes before you buy! We believe that an informed decision can only be reached through the playing of an instrument in the comfort of your environment. If you can come into our shop, we will always have hundreds of options to choose from. If you're not able to come to New York City, we are happy to ship a box of flutes for you to try in the comfort of your own home or studio!

Shipping costs $70 for the first two flutes, which includes return shipping and insurance. This will be charged to a credit card kept on file prior to shipping. A credit card is required to take instruments out of the shop.  Instruments can only be shipped within the United States.  

 A trial form detailing the full specifications and prices of the instruments that you’ve requested will accompany all trials. Please review the trial form upon arrival to be sure that you have received all items listed. If you have not received an item, or if you have received an item not listed on your trial form, please contact us immediately. 

Please remember to remove any rings or jewelry before testing the instruments. Also, please refrain from using any cleaning or polishing cloths or accessories that come with the items - these items should be kept brand new until you decide to purchase that item. In the meantime, please use your own clean cloth to care for these items, and wipe down the instruments after each trial session. Please care for our instruments as though they were your own - any instruments returned dirty, fingerprinted, dented or otherwise abused can be subject to a cleaning fee of between $100-$300 per instrument.

FCNY is proud to offer a very generous in-home trial program. Most trials are initially scheduled for 7 days from receipt of the items. If your teacher is a member of our “ClubFCNY,” we grant a complimentary extension to 10 days. Most of our clients find this 7- or 10-day trial period to be a sufficient amount of time to decide on an instrument. However, if a decision cannot be reached in that time, please contact anyone on our sales team via phone or email. We are always happy to follow-up with another round of instruments, and we can grant extensions on a case-by-case basis.

We do provide pre-paid, pre-insured return shipping labels via FedEx. One should be included in the box of instruments along with a copy of the attached trial form. If we did not include one, or if you lose the one provided, we are happy to email you another FedEx label. Please retain the packaging we used to send to you, including any packing material, so you can reuse the materials when sending back any items. Please securely package all return items and afix the return label overtop the initial label. Simply return that box to any FedEx location or schedule a FedEx pickup at your home or office (pickups are not paid for by FCNY).

FCNY generally expects payment in full when you decide on an instrument. If you want to inquire about trade-in value for your flute, please do so early in the trial process. We generally sell all pre-owned instruments on consignment (click here for more details on our consignment terms), but we do occasionally accept trades. Moreover, we offer a 5% reduced commission on the sale of one eligible consignment item when you buy and sell at the same time.

We work with two financial institutions that can provide you short-term or long-term financing should you require it - Allegro Credit (insert Link) and Noteworthy Federal Credit Union (insert link). Allegro Credit is the simplest financing option, especially for short term financing. By following this link, you can get instantly pre-approved for your instrument, and, at our discretion, we can extend same-as-cash terms for instruments paid in full within 3- or 6-months. We also offer 12-months same-as-cash financing if a deposit of 50% can be made using cash, certified check, or personal check. All financing through Allegro is subject to a credit check, and interest rates tend to range from 11%-13%. Noteworthy Federal Credit Union offers substantially lower rates, starting at about 7%, though there is no same-as cash option. For more traditional financing terms (ie. 3-5 years/fixed, low monthly payments), Noteworthy is our recommended option. Please contact them directly to begin the application, which can take a week or more.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns during the trial process. We have the industry’s best-trained, friendliest staff, and we are confident that your experience with FCNY will be a great one.


Enjoy your trial!