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Vintage Flutes

Playing older flutes is like stepping back in time. Experience what it is like to play one of Paul Taffanel's or Philippe Gaubert's flutes. Many of these older instruments can be quite valuable, if they were made by the best makers of their day, like Louis Lot, Auguste Bonneville, or Clair Godfroy. There is one maker that stands apart from all others: Claude Laurent. Mr. Laurent made flutes in crystal between 1806-1840. These flutes are some of the rarest and most beautiful (and most expensive) flutes found anywhere. There are very few found in private hands. Most can be viewed in museum collections around the world. Laurent flutes are not only exquisite flutes to look at, but have an amazing sound found nowhere else in the flute world.

Antique flutes offer a sweetness and purity of sound not found in modern flutes. The approach to playing these special flutes are intrinsically different that the way one blows into a modern flute. They have more resistance and smaller embouchure holes. The happy result is the glorious tonal colors found in these flutes, hence the intense interest in these by those who have discovered the "secret".  Phil has been collecting vintage flutes for 35 years and possesses one of the largest collections found anywhere. There are many more flutes than those found on this page, but you must give a call to find out more.

If you have caught the antique bug, give Phil a call to discover and learn more about these amazing flutes!