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Consign Your Instrument at the Flute Center!

The Flute Center of New York is happy to accept your flute or piccolo for consignment. Our commission is 25% for all instruments whose final sales price is less than $10,000 and 20% for flutes whose final sales price is greater than or equal to $10,000, with a minimum commission of $500 for each item consigned.
Our success at consigning instruments is unparalleled: Since we began consigning flutes, we have paid out more than any other flute shop in the world! No other shop comes close.
We offer the best exposure for your instruments in the world. Located directly on Columbus Circle across from Jazz at Lincoln Center and blocks from both Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, the Flute Center is uniquely situated at both the musical and physical center of New York City. With easy access from many subway lines, you can walk out of the train and into the shop... it's as easy as that.
No other flute shop on the planet sells as many consigned flutes and piccolos as the Flute Center of New York. Put simply, we are the world's most successful consignment broker for flutes. We also boast the largest selection of new and used flutes found anywhere. Because of our extensive inventory, our buyers know that the Flute Center is THE place to buy or sell their instrument.
We understand the special relationship between a flute and its owner. Whether the flute is yours or belonged to a family member or friend, we will find your flute a home where it will be played and appreciated. During the consignment process, you are completely in control of pricing. We will provide our recommendations, but you have the final say in setting the price of your instrument. 

If you have an instrument you are thinking of parting with, please call or email us to arrange for your instrument to be sold at the musical center of the world, the Flute Center of New York.

We also negotiate trades and buy instruments outright.