55mm LefreQue Elastic Band – Flute Center of New York
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55mm LefreQue Elastic Band

55mm LefreQue Elastic Band


55mm LefreQue Elastic Band, available in Regular Black, Regular Grey, Ultimate Band Black, and Ultimate Band Silver.

Elastic Band for all lefreQue sound bridges. Bands come in 4 sizes: 45mm, 55mm, 70mm, and 85mm. 

  • 45mm bands, ideal for tighter piccolo connections
  • 55mm bands, ideal for most piccolos, crown connections, as well as a tighter headjoint - flute connection
  • 70mm bands, standard size for headjoint - flute connection 
  • 85mm bands, standard size for Alto and Bass flutes.

Note: Most grey bands have been discontinued by lefreQue, though we do still have a limited quantity available in certain sizes. Please contact info@flutes4sale.com to make specific band color requests.

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