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Custom Miyazawa Headjoints

Miyazawa Flutes was founded in 1969 by Master Flute-maker Misashi Miyazawa. Mr. Miyazawa built his company on the belief that every flute is a fusion of time-tested traditional techniques and groundbreaking advancements, handcrafted to meet your highest expectations. Miyazawa's consistent quality is matched by a commitment to choice. Your instrument will be customized to match your playing style. You'll find quality in every aspect of a Miyazawa flute including these notable advancements: In the mid 1970s, Mr. Miyazawa joined P.L. West in the United States to innovate in using different silver alloys and a wide variety of headjoint styles, and together they developed the Miyazawa Improved Scale. Play a Miyazawa and feel the freedom to communicate your natural musical voice. Miyazawa is more than a flute, it's a community. You'll find Miyazawa flutists wherever you play - throughout the world and close to home.

Miyazawa Flutes currently offers three headjoint styles: The "MZ-9," the "MZ-10," and the "MZ-11."

A modern version of a traditional style headjoint, the MZ-9 is characterized by a centered, deep sound with generous resistance and focused, laser-like projection. Works well for those who use air speed to control and direct their sound.

The MZ-10 allows the player to put a large volume of air through the flute, achieving a rich and powerful sound. Characterized by plenty of lower partials anchoring the sound with a full harmonic spectrum.  Flexible and responsive with a wide range of tonal and color possibilities.

The MZ-11 is a more traditional style-sound in a modern headjoint design.  Characterized by an open, dark and fluid sound with fewer high harmonics. Comfortable resistance with easily controlled dynamics and a round, warm response.