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Sankyo Handmade Flute Model 901

Sankyo Handmade Flute Model 901

$ 16,250.00

Sankyo Handmade Custom Flute Model SF-901 - (.997) pure silver hand-cut headjoint, (.997) pure silver body with sterling silver mechanism, pinned mechanism, soldered tone holes, French (open hole) model, pointed key arms, gold springs, Sankyo pads, (.014) tubing, A=442, B footjoint. Handmade in Japan.

Sankyo Flutes currently offers 3 different headjoint styles: The "RT Cut," the "ST Cut," and the "FT Cut."

The RT Cut, the most popular Sankyo headjoint style, is a modified version of the original Sankyo wave-style lip plate design. It is characterized by a full, dark, strong tone with impressive clarity and secure response. The RT Cut provides the freedom to achieve a very solid, powerful sound with an endless capacity for the airstream.

The ST Cut features a rich variety of tone colors, warmth and expression. The depth of sound is exceptional, allowing for spin and projection with smooth fluidity.

The FT Cut is known for its balanced resonance, providing consistency between the registers. The FT Cut is responsive and reliable with crisp and clean articulation.

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