Powell #15430 - 9K rose gold, offset G Brand New! – Flute Center of New York
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Powell #15430 - 9K rose gold, offset G <br><b>Brand New!</b>

Powell #15430 - 9K rose gold, offset G
Brand New!


Powell Handmade Custom Flute in 9K Gold #15430 - includes 9K gold hand-cut headjoint, 9K gold body with sterling silver mechanism, Powell pinless mechanism, drawn tone holes, silver rings, ribs, and posts, French (open hole) model, pointed key arms, white gold springs, Straubinger pads, (.012 standard) tubing, modern Powell scale, offset G, B footjoint. Handmade in USA.

This flute comes with your choice of Powell Headjoint. We do stock headjoints with riser and lip plate upgrades, and you may select your custom headjoint with any flute purchase (additional cost may apply for upgrades). Write your Headjoint selection in the “Notes” section at checkout. To further customize your new Powell, visit our Build-Your-Custom Powell Flute page.

*Brand New from Powell*

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