Nagahara Handmade Custom 16K Gold Flute with Gold Keys (Custom-Built F – Flute Center of New York
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Nagahara Handmade Custom 16K Gold Flute with Gold Keys (Custom-Built Flute)

Nagahara Handmade Custom 16K Gold Flute with Gold Keys (Custom-Built Flute)


Nagahara Handmade Custom Flute in 16K gold - 16K gold hand-cut headjoint with 14K gold lip plate, 14K riser and 14K crown, 16K body with 14K gold mechanism, Nagahara pinless mechanism, soldered 14K gold tone holes, 14K rings, ribs, and posts. French (open hole) model, pointed key arms, white gold springs, Straubinger pads, (.012) tubing, B footjoint. Handmade in USA. Only Available in Standard and Galway Models.

Nagahara offers three sub-models for every flute: The Standard Model, The Full Concert Model, and the Galway Model. The Standard Model features the Nagahara Scale, industry-standard specifications, and a special thumb-key design. The Full Concert Model features an enlarged bore and toneholes size, elongated headjoint for greater taper, and the “Nagahara FC System” scale all designed by Kanichi Nagahara. It is a revolutionary design offered exclusively by Nagahara Flutes enabling improvements in tone, resonance, dynamic range, and intonation control. This model also features the Nagahara Pinless mechanism and thumb key design. The Galway model flute includes the following features: a Galway model headjoint, No Gizmo Key (added upon request), Nagahara Pinless mechanism, and the Wearless Mechanism (Type II). A special key design was also created for this model, enhancing finger grip over the key-cups and adding an extra touch of elegance.

NOTE: Not every sub-model is available in every material, however our website does accurately display what model combinations are possible.

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