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lefreQue Sound Bridge - 33 mm (various metals)


The Dutch Original Sound Solution! Although a seemingly simple solution, the lefreQue sound bridge is a high tech product. It’s unique design resulted from many years of passionate scientific research and development. LefreQue sound bridges combine an unequalled acoustic performance with a universal and easy fit. All materials are carefully selected, partially hand crafted, and made in Holland. LefreQue sound bridges enhance the sound characteristics of all wind instruments. Once you go lefreQue, you will never go back.

From a sound quality perspective, the tube of your wind instrument would ideally consist of one piece. For practical reasons however (tuning, transport, technical constraints), wind instruments - as we use them today - consist of different sections. LefreQue is a revolutionary sound bridge that acoustically connects the sections of your wind instrument, combining the benefits of both. The result is an unequaled improvement of your sound quality: purer overtones, accurate tuning, clear response, smooth intervals, extended dynamics, surround projection.


For a complete Spectral Analysis, visit the lefreQue study results!


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