Lillian Burkart Headjoint in .998 Pure Silver – Flute Center of New York
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Lillian Burkart Headjoint in .998 Pure Silver

Lillian Burkart Headjoint in .998 Pure Silver

$ 2,000.00

Lillian Burkart Handcut Head Joint  -  .998 pure silver tube, sterling silver riser, lip plate, and crown. (.016") tubing. Handmade in USA.

Burkart Flutes currently offers two headjoint styles: The "S4 Cut" and the "M2 Cut."

The S4 Cut, derived from a traditional style, produces a pure, warm sound. It is noted for its flexibility in air stream direction and expressiveness. The player will experience evenness in all three octaves, and effortless articulation. The stability and ease of play allow for nuances within a wide pallet of color creating a sound full of brilliant richness and depth.

The M2 Cut is Lillian Burkart’s most innovative. The air stream is quickly excited and the player achieves exceptional response and projection. The embouchure shape focuses the tone, resulting in an energetic and direct sound. This style provides a distinctive resonating core throughout all three registers of the flute. The M2 model produces a robust tone and an unprecedented dynamic range.

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