Brannen Brothers "Brögger Flute" in 15/85 Gold-Silver Alloy – Flute Center of New York
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Brannen Brothers "Brögger Flute" in 15/85 Gold-Silver Alloy

Brannen Brothers "Brögger Flute" in 15/85 Gold-Silver Alloy

$ 18,445.00

Brannen Brothers Handmade Flute - The Brögger Flute, 15/85 gold-silver alloy (15% gold, 85% silver) hand-cut Brannen-Cooper headjoint with silver lip plate and 14K riser, 15/85 alloy body with sterling silver mechanism, Brögger Mekanik™, soldered silver tone holes. French (open hole) model, pointed key arms, white gold springs, Straubinger pads, (.016) tubing, Brögger Acoustic, B footjoint**. Handmade in USA.

** C footjoint available for $1,290 less than advertised B footjoint price.

Brannen Brothers Flutes currently offers three headjoint styles: The "Modern Cooper," the "Modified Cooper," and the "JR Lafin" style.

The Modern Cooper Cut is projecting and responsive; it's Brannen's interpretation of Albert Cooper’s popular design, and it has the flexibility to cover a wide range of tone colors.

Flexible yet stable, the Modified Cooper Cut produces a rich, full sound with slightly more resistance than the Modern Cooper.

J. R. Lafin headjoints are outstanding for their extended dynamic range in all registers and for a wide range of tone colors. There is one single "style," but there are a number of tubing options and all headjoints can be made with or without Adler-style wings. 

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