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Garner Headjoint in Tantalum

Garner Headjoint in Tantalum

$ 7,300.00

Brad Garner headjoint in Tantalum - Tantalum is “The Best” for those that want the loudest and the softest of all the Garner Headjoints. This headjoint produces both a sweet and pure quiet sound in all registers and projects an enormous and large sound when needed. The range of dynamics and tone colors are limitless and greatly exaggerated with this headjoint allowing the player to be as expressive as possible. This headjoint is the Ferrari of the Garner Headjoint line. Frankly put, it is unlike any other headjoint that you’ve ever played. The headjont tube is made of tantalum. The lip plate, wall, crown and Power Bands are all made of solid sterling silver. Handmade USA.

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