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Graduate to Yamaha 2019

Rebate forms must be submitted directly to Yamaha before July 31, 2019.

Yamaha Flutes eligible for rebate:

YFL-362/382 ($50 rebate)
YFL-462/482 ($50 rebate)
YFL-577/587 ($100 rebate)
YFL-677/687 ($100 rebate)
YFL-777/787 ($100 rebate)
YFL-877/887/897 ($100 rebate)

Altos Flutes:
YFL-AFL421 ($100 rebate)

Bass Flutes: 

YFL-B441 ($100 rebate)


YPC-32 ($50 rebate)
YPC-62 ($100 rebate)
YPC-81/82 ($100 rebate)

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