ProsChoice – Flute Center of New York
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The Flute Center of New York has teamed up with the leading flutists in New York to help you find that perfect instrument. The idea is simple: let one of the world's best flutists hand select an instrument for you. We will work with you to determine as closely as possible what you want in a flute. Then your chosen artist will come to the Flute Center to choose an instrument based upon your requirements. You will receive your hand-picked instrument, a short video of "your" artist playing it, and a signed letter of authenticity! This then becomes a permanent record for you to keep.

ProsChoice requires a $300 nonrefundable fee, all of which goes directly to your "artist". The ProsChoice fee can be paid by credit card or check made payable to "Flute Center of New York". Full payment is required before the instrument can be shipped. We will pay all shipping costs to you.

For US residents: you are not obligated to keep the instrument and will have a 3-day trial period to either keep or return. Return shipping fees are not included, and instruments must be returned using overnight service. All refunds will be processed by check only - Sorry, we cannot refund your credit card. For international musicians: there is no refund or return privilege. You are responsible for all customs and duties on the import.

Take the guesswork out of this major purchase, and let one of your role-models choose your next flute!