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Solid Gold Handmade Flutes

This listing of flutes represents the best of what is being manufactured today in solid gold. While 14K is the most common alloy, most companies offer at least one model in a lower karat (usually 10K, though 9K is quite common) and one in a higher karat (19.5K is the most common).

Gold flutes are true works of art. Only the most skilled artisans make flutes out of a material as expensive and difficult to work with as solid gold, so you know all gold flutes are special, unique, and full of character. Every gold flute is unique, even among brands and alloys. So if you're in the market, our recommendation: try everything.

These flutes are fully customized, and most brands offer a full array of headjoint styles and options at this price point as well. As a general rule, headjoint upgrades should be of equal or higher karat than the body - a 14K headjoint on a 10K body, or a 19.5K headjoint on a 14K body are both quite beautiful, but a 10K headjoint on 14K body is quite uncommon. Our interactive tool allows you to build and price-out each of these models with all available specifications.