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Pre-Owned Gold

The Gold Standard! That's how we refer to the many gold flutes made by the greatest flute makers in the world. They are uncompromising in their beauty, sound and personality. That is why you see so many solo flute artists touring with their very own gold flute. We have come to associate them with their flutes; Rampal with his Haynes, Galway with is Nagahara or Haynes or Cooper.....Nicole Esposito on her Miyazawa and so many more.  A flute made of gold is both an exceptionally fine tool for making beautiful music and a true work of art.Gold flutes generally hold their value extremely well, and every gold flute has its own truly unique sound. While 14K gold is most common, many flute makers use other alloys, like 9K, 10K, 18K, 19.5K or even 24K because of the unique tonal characteristics of each alloy. The Flute Center has the largest collection of gold pre-owned flutes in the world. Give us a call to learn more about these unique and wonderful instruments.