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Pre-Owned Brannens

Since Brannen Brothers was founded in 1978, they have earned a worldwide reputation for unsurpassed excellence. There is no doubt about their place in the market; discerning flutists have placed them squarely at the top. All Brannen Brothers flutes feature soldered tone holes.

All Brannen Brothers flutes use the scale developed by their Vice-President Emeritus, Albert Cooper. The Brögger Flute, their most well-known, popular instrument, combines the traditional fingerings of the Boehm system with the enormous advantages of the Brögger Mekanik™, developed by Danish flute-maker Johan Brögger. This mechanism increases the reliability of the key work and reduces internal friction, allowing keys to be adjusted much more closely to individual preferences. 

We always have some pre-owned Brannen flutes in our inventory. One of our fastest selling flutes, please call for your trial today!