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Intermediate Flutes (2-4 years)

This listing of flutes represents the best of what is being manufactured today, perfect for the rapidly advancing player with 2-4 years experience. There's some overlap regarding timeline here between the Step-Up models and the Intermediate models; this overlap is intentional. Most people will need to assess their situations (ability, finances, enthusiasm, etc.) to decide which jump to take. You'll see many of the same brands in both categories, though this collection is usually a model or two higher. 

Our recommendation: After 2-4 years, the more rapidly developing players will benefit from a full-silver tube, a B footjoint, open holes, and some upgraded options, especially in the headjoint. We recommend an offset G, a split E mechanism, a C# trill key (when available), and any available upgrade on the headjoint (varies by brand). As a general rule - the best place to spend money on an upgrade is in the headjoint - this is the heart of the sound!

Of course, some of the flutes below may have more or different options than you're looking for. There's a link to a fully-customizable version of each of these flutes inside the product pages below.