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In Stock Nagahara Flutes

All Nagahara Flutes are made by hand in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, using a combination of the Traditional Boston craftsmanship technique and Japanese ingenuity. Each and every Nagahara flute features soldered toneholes, French-style pointed arms, the patented Nagahara Thumb Key, the Nagahara Pinless Mechanism and a custom, hand-cut headjoint. All headjoints are exclusively made by founder and owner of Nagahara Flutes, Kanichi Nagahara.

This list represents our current inventory of New Nagahara flutes direct from the factory, updated weekly and available for immediate purchase. We also stock a large number of headjoints in a variety of styles and materials.  

To fully customize your next Nagahara flute, or to check official dealer/factory pricing for any combination of options and specifications, use our Nagahara Interactive Tool.