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In Stock Miyazawa Flutes

Miyazawa Flutes was founded in 1969 by Master Flute-maker Misashi Miyazawa.  In 2005, Miyazawa introduced the Brogger System, designed by Danish Flute-maker Johan Brogger. All Miyazawa flutes feature a pinless left hand mechanism and the Brogger System for more stable adjustments and the elimination of binding from traditional pinned mechanisms. Keys are Cold-Forged, which are much stronger and more reliable than keys created through outdated heat-casting methods which compromise metal integrity. Flat-bottom key cups provide a superior, consistent surface where pads are seated. Miyazawa flutes are designed specifically for Straubinger Pads. Not all flute mechanisms have the precision to benefit from these advanced pads. Play a Miyazawa and feel the freedom to communicate your natural musical voice. Miyazawa is more than a flute, it's a community. You'll find Miyazawa flutists wherever you play - throughout the world and close to home.

This list represents our current inventory of New Miyazawa flutes direct from the factory, updated weekly and available for immediate purchase. We also stock a large number of headjoints in a variety of styles and materials.  

To fully customize your next Miyazawa flute, or to check official dealer/factory pricing for any combination of options and specifications, use our Miyazawa Interactive Tool.