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New Altus Flutes

Known as "Speedy" to his friends, Mr. Shuichi Tanaka, the founder of Altus flutes is a man of many talents. Speedy Tanaka and William Bennett shared an admiration for Albert Cooper's vision of updating and modernizing the traditional flute scale, creating the Altus-Bennett scale - a new standard for flute design. The Altus-Bennett scale was carefully designed to provide effortless intonation, impeccably tuned harmonics, and exceptionally balanced registers. Altus leads the way in providing an unprecedented array of tubing and material choices for the needs of discerning flutists. By combining old world craftsmanship with modern alloys and tubing construction, an incredible range of flutes can be tailored to the specific needs of any flutist. Altus provides the most unique variety of flute tubing and materials in the world today.

This list represents our current inventory of New Altus flutes direct from the factory, updated weekly and available for immediate purchase. We also stock a large number of headjoints in a variety of styles and materials.  

To fully customize your next Altus flute, or to check official dealer/factory pricing for any combination of options and specifications, use our Altus Interactive Tool.