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Step-Up Flutes ($1,000 - $1,800)

This listing of flutes represents the best of what is being manufactured today for between $1,000 - $1,800. In many cases, these models are purchased after a year of renting a flute because it becomes more cost effective to purchase a flute rather than continuing to rent. They represent the perfect compromise between quality and price.

Our recommendation: After a few years, most developing players will benefit from a bit of silver (all the flutes in this list have a silver headjoint), a B footjoint (standard on all step-up models), and open holes (to finalize correct hand position). We recommend an offset G (no additional charge), and younger players often appreciate the help a Split E Mechanism provides (at a very low cost) on a notoriously tricky note!

Of course, some of the flutes below may have more or different options than you're looking for. There's a link to a fully-customizable version of each of these flutes inside the product pages below.