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33 mm Lefreque Sound Bridge

33 mm Lefreque Sound Bridge


Although a seemingly simple solution, the lefreQue sound bridge is a high tech product. It’s unique design resulting from many years of passionate scientific research and development, the LefreQue sound bridges combine an unequalled acoustic performance with a universal and easy fit. All materials are carefully selected, partially hand crafted, and made in Holland. Once you go lefreQue, you will never go back!

33mm lefreQues can also connect a flute's headjoint to its body, though with less success than 41mm, but are ideal for connecting a piccolo's headjoint to its body, a flute's body to its footjoint (requires a special "Flute Footjoint" band), and a flute's headjoint tube to its crown. 

We recommend a 70mm band if you intend to use the LeFreQue for a traditional Concert flute. The 55mm bands are ideal for piccolo and the 85mm bands are best for Alto and Bass Flutes. 

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