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LefreQue Sound Bridges

The Dutch Original Sound Solution! Although a seemingly simple solution, the lefreQue sound bridge is a high tech product. It’s unique design resulting from many years of passionate scientific research and development, the LefreQue sound bridges combine an unequalled acoustic performance with a universal and easy fit. All materials are carefully selected, partially hand crafted, and made in Holland. Once you go lefreQue, you will never go back!

From a sound quality perspective, the tube of your wind instrument would ideally consist of one piece. For practical reasons however (tuning, transport, technical constraints, etc.), wind instruments - as we use them today - consist of different sections. LefreQues acoustically connect the sections of your wind instrument. The result is an unequaled improvement of your sound quality: purer overtones, more accurate tuning, clearer response, smoother intervals, extended dynamics, and surround-sound projection.

The lefreQue makes all wind instruments sound better by repairing the sound breaches that occur when the vibrations travel across the different parts of a wind instrument. Using just a specially designed elastic band and the bridges themselves, you do not need to change anything on the instrument itself. 

Saxophonist and flutist Hans Kuijt first invented the lefreQue for the saxophone, as he was unsatisfied with the sound quality of even the very best saxophones. He concluded that all connections between the different parts of a wind instrument had a negative influence on the sound quality and tuning of the tone. Cork, like on the tenon of a piccolo, dampens sound vibrations. On the flute there are no cork connections, but there are sound breaches where the pieces fit together, all of which can be corrected by using a lefreQue. For a complete Spectral Analysis, visit the lefreQue study results

LefreQues come in three sizes: 33mm, 41mm, and 76mm. The different sizes are generally recommended for different reasons, and none of these include a lefreQue Band, which must be purchased separately.

  • 41mm lefreQues are the most commonly sold lefreQue, and they provide the best connection between a flute's headjoint and its body.
  • 33mm lefreQues can also connect a flute's headjoint to its body, though with less success than 41mm, but are ideal for connecting a piccolo's headjoint to its body, a flute's body to its footjoint (requires a special "Flute Footjoint" band), and a flute's headjoint tube to its crown. 
  • 76mm lefreQues are designed for Alto and Bass flutes, and can dramatically improve the sound of any alto or bass flute!

Discover the amazing benefits of the LefreQue Sound Bridges today!