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Brad Garner

As woodwind players, we are fortunate to have such a variety of flute companies making quality headjoints and flutes, however it is crucial in the industry that we don't become complacent with the performance of the instrument. We are forever grateful to Theobald Boehm and his ground-breaking work on the acoustics and key system of the flute that we still use today. It is necessary to continue to innovate, striving to improve all aspects of performance related to pitch, sound production and overall ease of play.Produced in a variety of metals, many used for the first time in headjoint design, a Garner Headjoint will make your flute perform with greater ease and will enhance your playing. There are a few things that are different about Garner Headjoints: Refractory metals which are both denser and harder than other metals are used for the tube of a few models of Garner Headjoints.  Harder and denser refractory metals positively influence both the low frequency and high frequency overtones, affecting a broader spectrum of sound. Garner headjoint models are not soldered but instead have the wall fastened to the tube using patented Power Bands.  This keeps the metal headjoint harder by eliminating the softening of the tube that occurs through the more standard method of soldering the wall to the tube. 

There is a method to cut the embouchure the same every time for all models of Garner Headjoints.  This eliminates great variations that might otherwise occur between the headjoints of similar and dissimilar models. An individual wax is precision machine milled identically for every wall used on all of the Garner Headjoints and that wall is then precision cast.  The very specific dimensions chosen to be used on the wall for all Garner Headjoints was determined by finding the best compromise between the different characteristics that each dimension in the embouchure effects.